“Such a treat for both the kids

and the adults!”

– David S., recent customer



Shakespeare…with puppets!

The ShakesBEARS are a cute troupe of animal puppets that provide children with a fun, visual, and unique introduction to Shakespeare’s stories, and a puppet making activity!

The ShakesBEARS are available for parties, events, classrooms, and daycares.

By creating unique and engaging puppet experiences, I hope to empower youngsters with new tools of expression and a deeper understanding of language, performing arts, and the human condition.

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The ShakesBEARS are a perfect choice for your next birthday party or special event!

Simply choose your show and craft. We’ll handle the rest!

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Check out ShakesBEARS: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream:”


Beautiful show! Nice puppets and design.

My daughter loves crafts.  Great idea!

– Kiron F., parent of 4 yr. old

Everything was fantastic!  The puppets are beautifully crafted, the show was enjoyable for both myself and my child, and the activity was easy and fun!

The craft was fun and good for all ages (and for grown-ups too!)

Angela E., parent of 2 yr. old