People of Power: Dr. Mae Jemison

Screen Shot 2020-06-16 at 7.31.33 AM

Reach for the Stars!

Today we learn about the AMAZING Dr. Mae Jemison. A dancer, doctor, activist, leader, and ASTRONAUT!

Dr. Jemison was the FIRST woman of color in SPACE–but that’s truly only the beginning of her incredible accomplishments. Join us in today’s episode to celebrate this extraordinary human.

Our “People of Power” series highlights the accomplishments of POC heroes from all disciplines.

Let us know if there is a hero with black or brown skin that you want to know more about!

This episode features the voice over talents of Michelle Francesca Thomas @ChelleorFrankie

Videos are released every Tuesday and Thursday at 11am on Facebook and YouTube.

Watch the episode here:

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